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I love this book, too.

Perhaps Joseph's willingness to suspect Emma of trying to kill him was a manifestation of mental illness (one of the things I think occasionally about Bro. Joseph is that he was mentally ill.) Or perhaps it was just guilt over lying to her so much about his plural wives.

The best part --

Joseph thought that Emma had poisoned his coffee.

Polygamy I can handle. Blood atonement, sure. But coffee-drinking? Now that's serious!

That's a very interesting description of Joseph and Emma's relationship there. I never knew he felt threatened by her or that he thought she might kill him. That's another book I'll have to add to my stack of suggested reads I've gotten off of the Bloggernacle.

i was pleased recently to learn that emma was a relatively close cousin to my wife and that joseph was a distant cousin-such force of character they both had-frank

I found a tape by Linda Newell that detailed her censorship in the Church after writing the book. I thought it was very interesting. John Hatch at Sunstone sells copies.

John Hatch

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