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Dave, that's an extremely interesting conversation you reference, but like you I can't bring Mormonism into it. One can't but help be jealous of the spread of Islam compared to Christianity.

While Christianity as a whole isn't increasing, conservative American Christianity is. (i.e. the more fundamentalist strains and, until recently, us)

Dave: A few possible thoughts,

1. Social pressure. Evangelical, Mormon, & Muslim social groups/churches all tend to put alot of social pressure on the individual. Why stay in? Cuz yo
ur friends/family do.

2. They also tend to be more communitarian. So, there are probably benefits to group membership & built in support.

3. For immigrants coming to W. Society, there is also the immigration/socio-cultural argument that they are trying to "retain" their old identity while "profiting" from the better economic situation.

Don't really know how these play out/how much traction they have, but...they seem possible reasons.

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