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There is no question that religion can and has motivated people to do great things. Heck, it got the worshippers of Molech to cast their little children into the fire.

However, I question your assertion that the 'moral majority' is a religious movement, although it might have religious trappings. Back about twenty or more years ago, I was having a conversation with a black minister from Alabama (who was one of the wisest men I have met). Somehow, the subject of the moral majority came up, and he told me, 'same old segregationists, new packaging.' He knew from a lifetime of experience how to recognize the wolf.

I don't doubt the sincerity of many evangelical Christians, but the fact is that the whole 'moral majority' started pretty much when it became socially unacceptable to be a segregationist. They still discourage (although don't by letter of the law ban) black people from going to many of their congregations.

You are right about almost everything you say in your post, but don't claim that not everyone understands the 'moral majority'. There are some, especially black people in the South, who understand it only too well.

And to them, it is an ancient evil.

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