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Wow, thanks for the plug. I would hate to let people down after that great intro. . . .

As for the foreign-language blogging, I have been wondering if that is a useful idea after all. It would be fun for me, but would it alienate likely contributors? I hope people will feel comfortable commenting on my blog and I wonder how conducive a Yiddish or Catalan post would be for that (German, French, or Spanish might not be such a problem though).

Still pondering that. . . .

Anyway, one more plug for my blog: Jordan, whom many in the Bloggernacle know, is by far the smarter of the two of us and he is also a permanent blogger over at a bird's eye view (get it--the Fowles brothers), so hopefully that will be some incentive to get people over there (and he is usually a lot less annoying than me in his tone and his comments, with the exceptions that we can be equally annoying sometimes, see the Colossal Ignorance and Utah Mormons threads over at T&S).

By the way, I am ignorant as far as coding goes and have been obliged to use the Blogger comments. What comments do you use? I like this format much better. . . .

I'd like to take advantage of this near-the-top post to ask to be released from the Mo Life blog club. I need to restrict my interaction with LDS, and as nice as y'all are, it's just not going to work for me. I'll be sorry to lose your link, Dave (snif) and will continue to read here, because, as I've said before, I don't feel the need to run from the room screaming "It's all a lie!" when I read.

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