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Thanks, Dave! This is a great idea.

And although I'm sure you all enjoy my fascinating commentary ;-), I think the most interesting stuff on my blog comes when I bother to do actual reporting -- a couple more interviews with people from the world of Mormon letters are in the works.

Also: I believe that my reading of D&C 128:19-21 is the first audioblog to appear in the Bloggernacle. The sound quality isn't the best, but it was fun and the result isn't *that* bad. Has anybody else done an audio post? Is anybody else planning to?

WM, I think Kim over at Our Thoughts has tried a few audio postings, but you're definitely on the cutting edge. I'll give yours a listen later this afternoon.

Yes, I think interviews are always interesting, and it is flattering when a scholar or writer thinks enough of a weblog and its blogging readers to have an interview posted. T&S has used interviews and guest bloggers very effectively to broaden its content and viewpoints. It doesn't matter how smart or well read one is, blogging every day uses up most of the interesting things one has to say. I try to use links and quotes from media websites to bring in current LDS events and news to accomplish something like the same thing on my blog.


And Kim -- if you read this and have done audio postings, let us know. A quick look at your site didn't turn any up, but I'd hate to take credit for a 'first' I don't deserve.

Esp. since Our Thoughts often seems to get shafted in props from other blogs when it comes to 'hot' LDS topics (although not by me -- I always attempt to give comprehensive linkage .

I like this idea a lot. This together with some of the other occasional bloggernacle surveys should help keep people informed of the goings-on beyond their own blogs and T&S.

This is a great idea. Thanks for keeping us posted.

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