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I don't get it. I've read the arguments from Christian polemicists who call the LDS Church the "Islam of America" and draw out all the awful similarities between Joseph Smith and Muhammad.

I think your comment got cut off Justin. I don't get what you don't get.

I think he means that most google searches bring up Evangelical sites that compare Islam and Mormonism to attack one or the other. i.e. why would Islam be bedfellows with Evangelicals?

But perhaps that highlights the issues. The superficial similiarities might attract Islamists to the church. Islam, given the nature of its religion, tends to be even more paranoid towards prosylatizing than groups like the Russian Orthodox church.

I suspect, however, that the Islam/Evangelical connection is probably overstated. I'm also loath to think that what comes near the top of a google search means much. (Heavens, *I* come near the top of many searches and I don't think I'm an authority on much)

I agree with your puzzlement about the alliance between the Christians and Muslims. That's what I don't get. The Christians think Islam is false, cultic, etc. Mormonism is no better.

Clark captured what I was trying to say.

The issues of hate do not have bounderies. The Neo-Nazi's of Europe regularly attend anti-Jewsih activities and rallies with other muslims, yet probably hate them as much. It is vogue to be anti-Zionist today. Most do not even really know how to seperate them. Hatred makes for very strange bed fellows.

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