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I've always wondered, ever since I actually READ the WW, why Mormons were so down on alcohol, coffee and such, but didn't worry about meat. The other prohibitions everybody knows about, but I had no idea meat was even an issue until then.

I suspect it's probably because it's easier to abstain completely frpom something than to moderate it, and easier still to define abstinence than moderation. (And I'd rather give up beer than meat, any day,as I suspect would most folks.) Still, I think it's curious that it's not mentioned more than it is.

Nice observation, Joel. It's obvious to outsiders who are familiar with the present LDS "Word of Wisdom" list of food taboos that it bears little relation to the text of D&C 89, but given the historical link between the two Mormons will uniformly state that the present "Word of Wisdom" comes right out of D&C 89.

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