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Writing something witty is probably too much to ask :) but I think this potluck feature you'rd doing is pretty cool. It appears Kaimi has got something similar going on in the T&S sidebar.

Yes, the T&S sidebar innovation is very clever, another innovative use of links to build an interacting online community.

"Mormon fiction is still terra incognita for me"

Hopefully I can help you change that, Dave.

My Mom took a Mormon fiction English class at BYU from Eugene England years ago. I didn't take the class but I ended up reading a bunch of the books in the syllabus (and consequently, on my mother's bookshelf). Maybe I can find that syllabus and share what was on it ...


That'd be awesome.

In fact, that's one of the projects on my list for this fall -- I'm going to contact any faculty members I can find who have taught the Mormon lit class or who use Mormon fiction titles in other courses and ask them to send me their reading lists for posting on AMV.

WiMo, you might also consider starting a "Mo Fiction Reading Club" like Clark is doing with theology. One of the problems a neophyte Mo fiction reader faces is sorting through the clutter to find the titles worth reading.

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