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I've seen:

God's Army
The Other Side of Heaven
Brigham City
The Singles Ward
Jack Weyland's Charly
The R.M.

And I live in Canada to boot.

I've seen:

The RM
Singles Ward
God's Army
Brigham City

I'm going to try to see The Best Two Years soon.

Dave, here is a follow-up to Merrill's article:


Regarding documentaries, I enjoyed "Utah: The Struggle for Statehood." I've also seen "Truth & Conviction: The Helmuth Hubener Story." B.H. Roberts would be an interesting subject, as would George Q. Cannon, plural marriage (which could go in all sorts of directions), the Utah War, Porter Rockwell, the history of blacks in the LDS Church, Leonard Arrington, Missouri War, Nauvoo, the Smoot hearings, baseball baptisms era, the Godbeites, and the history of women in the LDS Church (a huge subject).

I saw God's Army, Brigham City, Singles Ward, Charly ... after that I kind of stopped paying too much attention, though I heard good things about The Best Two Years movie.

A Motley Vision has been updated -- I wish it had been vacation. But no, just life intervening.

I've answered Dave's query over on A Motley Vision.

The shocking truth: I haven't seen a single example of Mormon cinema.

Of Merrill's list, I've seen God's Army, The Other Side of Heaven, and Brigham City. I enjoyed all of them.

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