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I don't do conference, so this is a useful report. Data without fawning; that's what I so like about MI, Dave. Who was the source of the afternoon comments?

I doubt they will have much effect unless bishops make a note of it every Fast Sunday before testimonies begin.

Of course, some members may not be comfortable saying "I know..." when it comes to expressing beliefs (they may not feel they "know"). I knew a church leader who expressed his desire that members cut out "I know...." He preferred stark statements such as "God lives. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. Joseph Smith restored the church. This is the true church on earth. President Hinckley is the Lord's prophet."

By the way, Pres. Faust was indeed wearing a headset mike at Priesthood session, but the stem was very thin and tended to get lost in the shadow along his jawline.

I'll take your word for it, "Eagle Eye" Nathan. I looked real hard and didn't see it, but then I was looking at a grainy bigscreen projection image in the Priesthood session rather than a crisp TV screen as in the morning session.

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