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For future reference, President Hinckley is not an octogenerian. He was born in 1910. I will accept his perspective...

I didn't attend the priesthood session. Re the one-eyed pigeon story, President Monson told a one-eyed pigeon story during the April 1979 General Conference. His quorum adviser allowed him to take home two pigeons to raise. However, the one-eyed pigeon kept returning to her former home whenever she was let out. Whenever Monson checked with his adviser to see if he had seen the pigeon, he was told to come over to check in the loft. She was always there. The adviser then took the opportunity to interview him regarding the inactives in the quorum.

There was a conspiracy between the pigeon and the adviser: he knew the pigeon would fly to his loft and it would allow him to interview Monson regularly. Monson didn't catch on until much later in life.

Justin, same story. While I'm not aware of any formal rules on the subject, I think any story should be available for retelling after 25 years. A good rule of thumb might be to tell a story once every 10 years. I'll be waiting for Elder Packer's crocodile story next Conference.

I agree--Elder Packer's story is ready for retelling.

President Monson has a million stories, but I suppose he has only one about the one-eyed pigeon.

I always liked Elder Haight's story of the high school football game in which his team lost 106-6.

"I think any story should be available for retelling after 25 years."

Someone better tell president Monson. He most definitely repeats talks and stories significantly more frequently than every 25 years.

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