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The asterix in United Brethren wasn't superfluous--it has a function, i.e. to point to the fine print which explains that women can also blog there.


Actually, the asterisk is part of a secret mind-control experiment.

John, I notice you defaulted to "Asterix," betraying a French connection. The reason I didn't retain the asterisk for my blogroll is that people would be scrolling down the list, looking for the explanation of the asterisk. I suppose quirky names are just part of geeky technoculture, even in the Bloggernacle, for example IntellecXhibitionist and Doctrinal:net. Personally, I lean toward functional and descriptive naming.

Hey, I do not consider myself qualified to advise the LDS blog readers as to which LDS blogs are worthwhile. I am new to this, and am just now reading what is out there. I will, fairly soon, post which LDS blogs I read. Since I am commenting on your blog, you can be pretty sure I actually read it! ;)

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