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I think it is easy for people to laugh at this if they haven't read (say) Art Spiegelman, Alan Moore, Frank Miller, Brian Bendis, Garth Ennis, or Neil Gaiman (just to name a few). But the comic book as a medium has come of age, and (like any medium) in the right hands it can be a powerful way to tell a story.

The book of Mormon IS a comic book. Evil villains, mythic superheroes...I can't imagine a book of scripture more well suited to the medium.

Funny, I was just in Borders on Friday on the way home from work and to my surprise this very gothic-dressed and made-up woman in front of me in line at the register asked the employee whether Borders carries the Book of Mormon comic book. He obviously hadn't heard of it and seemed mystified. She was angry and lashed out, "Well, do you even carry any comic books here at all?" Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

John F, reading the article carefully, it talked about a planned release at the end of October, so if they are delayed by even a few days it may not have been shipped quite yet. I wonder if bookstores are going to put it off in some corner or in the front window?

His style is too reminiscent of Arnold Friberg, in my opinion. I'd be interested to see how he illustrates the Lamanites.

BTW, from what I hear, the comic book will be in stores on Wednesday.

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