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As far as I know he didn't get any death threats, but he was very paranoid (I guess that explains the movie, right?). A former member of my firm was there and ended up in the news. He was shouting "No Moore! No Moore!" when Moore sicked police on him claiming he was concealing a weapon under his coat and that he was trying to assasinate him. Security led him out. Nice.

Maybe he should have required the audience to sign loyalty oaths.

My friend went to it and found it disappointingly boring. Apparently Moore isn't that great a public speaker.

I can understand why he might have been anxious--Utah is, after all, the state that is polling the highest Republican percentage heading into this election. But Moore seems to like to expose himself to this kind of antagonistic audience. Recall how he was prominently on display at the Republican Convention.

That aside, UVSC certainly got its money's worth. It's nice there's a college in Utah Valley where a controversial speaker gets, if not a warm welcome, at least an offical invitation and a speaking fee. Quite a fee, actually.

Moore on utah

"The whole country loves the Mormons. Why would I feel unsafe here? I haven't seen a lot of Utah gangs, Mormons with chains and knives and Uzis."

Great link, Lisa. Sounds like Moore enjoyed his visit to Utah Valley. Maybe he'll make a movie about the place sometime.

I was there. Moore got a huge welcome, and there were standing ovations throughout. Of course not everyone stood during the ovations...Believe me, Michael would not have had that guy escorted out unless he really felt something was under his coat. There were several anti-Moore people there and he wanted them to stay. But of course he has to draw the line somewhere. When someone stands up in the third row (or so) and is yelling things and it looks as if there is something under his jacket, that is where I would draw the line too. I was not disappointed and my ticket cost $10.50 and it was a 3 hour drive each way. I sacrificed a lot to go and my expectations were high.

Also, there were many death threats made prior to him speaking. I am sure his guard was up a little bit more, eventhough his statement about the country loving Mormons would indicate otherwise. What preceded his speaking is second to none.

Ann: "Maybe he should have required the audience to sign loyalty oaths."

It works for Bush.

J., I still think Moore is just fundamentally paranoid to have ejected a protester who disagreed with him b/c he claimed he was packing heat. Somehow yelling "No Moore" equates to criminal intent?

I thought that Michael Moore showing up and being allowed to speak (er, paid to speak?) was perfectly appropriate and decent proof that there can in fact be freedom of speech and debate in Utah. I'm not a fan of his either ... I just like to see people are free to be paid for their opinions anywhere in America. :)

The controversy was not over inviting someone liberal to speak, but that if UVSC was going to invite someone liberal they could at least invite someone intelligent. I didn't really appreciate how the Moore supporters turned it into a freedom of speech issue.

I heard a recording of his speech 2+ hour speech. He makes a lot of moaning and grunting sounds. He played a lot of not-funny faux Bush ads. I read later that he has been known to kick out video cameras so that his antics don't end up on the 6 o'clock news (it'd be difficult to command $50K a pop if people knew what they were paying for). It's amazing to me that there are people who felt it was actually worth the price of admission.

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