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As to the Jaredites, Ronan Head, a friend of mine from Oxford days who is now doing a PhD at Johns Hopkins, is doing work on the Jaredites, I believe. I am eagerly anticipating his research, theories, and conclusions.

That link seems broken--it is supposed to be Headlife.

Interesting blog, interesting guy--I'll add it to my Mormon Weblogs list at lunchtime, jf. I'm not sure how anyone does work on the Jaredites when we don't know where they were. I suppose one could work on "Jaredite texts," except we don't have any. Ether is, at best, a Nephite text based on Jaredite sources. Of course, we don't have the original source for that either, we have (at best) an English translation of a Nephite text itself based on translations of various Jaredite sources. At least until someone digs up that big Jaredite stone that Mosiah (the Elder) translated.

Well, Ronan studied Cuneiform at Oxford and has focused on the time period of the Jaredites in the ancient world. And we do have the Book of Ether, which provides someone with that background enough substance for a starting point. I heard a presentation he gave on the Jaredites while at Oxford, and he was a Nibley scholar at the time focusing on the Jaredites (I think) so that should have turned up something. This is all second-hand, of course, but perhaps something will turn up at FARMS by him sometime soon.

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