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Technical notes: I've gone back to putting one paragraph on the main page, with a link to the balance of the post when there are additional paragraphs. I put the three dots simply as a placeholder for the first line of the "more" screen, so the first line of text doesn't get scrunched up to the very top of the screen, which always makes me wonder if there was text above it that got cut off.

FINALLY, RATHER THAN USING HEADINGS for sections of a post (which just seems a little pretentious for a blog post) I'm trying out all caps for the first few words of the opening paragraph of a new section. I've found that it's easier to read through a multi-paragraph post when the type is differentiated via bolding, italics, links, or caps. I know better than to tax the patience of my readers, so I'll do what I can by using such font tricks and by viciously editing my posts--I rarely go more than five paragraphs, and generally aim for three. Brevity is the soul of more than wit.

You might also be interested in my book, A Briefer History of Time, which at 171 pages is shorter than A Short History but longer than A Very Brief History.

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