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It should be noted that this site gathers "secular news" about the Church, featuring, e.g., "purported sexual abuse" by the Church.

John F, is there something wrong with "secular news" about the Church?

My dad long ago cancelled his subscription to the Church News. Mainly it was because it was too expensive for international members, but also because I used to tease him and call it "Utah(with token Africa story)news", or "All is well in Zion news". Now before my good friend JF kills me, this was the attitude of a young teenage punk. I have since repented. (In all seriousness), the CN puts out the good news (of which there is plenty); but there is also simply neutral news out there, so hip!hip!hooray! for Mormon-news. By the way, the Church does track the secular news and the Public Affairs department puts out an email digest every day with the good, bad, and ugly.

One elder in my MTC district and I used to find great humor in the Church News "headlines," like "Relief Society Finds Joy in Service" or "Dan Jones Served Honorably in Wales." We used to cut the headlines out and mail them to each other, as he went to Argentina and I went to Mexico City. It was a fun way to keep in touch.

Thanks for the link to mormon news. I always thought it to be more interesting to look at modern Mormon issues/occurences, although the historical research serves as an important foundation.

Dave, nothing is wrong with "secular news" about the Church. Just noting that this is not going to be a Church News-type of news compendium (a source that focuses on positive aspects of Church growth). The fact that the site owner found it necessary to point out that one of the types of news that will be gathered is information on purported sexual abuse hints at the fact that any news there will likely be negative since the Church often gets negative press (and this is just a collection of such press). Sure, there are newspaper reports that portray the Church positively or at least neutrally (one of them was a recent South Carolina clipping on Ronan's Mormon News Feed about President Hinckley's visit there which relayed accurate [and neutral] information on the Church rather than inaccurate facts that double as sinister spin), but they seem less common than negative portrayals of the Church in the press, or at least inaccurate neutral portrayals.

Thanks, Dave, for posting this entry. I am happy to see that most here will find it as a useful resource.

My primary objective was to create a repository for church news items that wouldn't necessarily be read over the pulpit or discussed loudly the the chapel foyer. News items that could be viewed as negative by some (i.e. sexual abuse or FLDS polygamy), neutral (i.e. property ownership), or positive (i.e. LDS Floridians helping out the community after the hurricanes, as pointed out recently in the Deseret News) all share an equal footing. I avoid stories that are mundane (obits or new chapels) or are likely to be common LDS knowledge (Draper Temple).

Overall, the impetus of this site is to highlight news stories that the common member would not likely otherwise know about. I have learned a lot about how the church operates and is seen by non-LDS by keeping myself up-to-date on these news stories.

BTW, I see it as an important service to folks out there that an LDS chapel is not necessarily free of sexual predators. Thus, I feel that the sexual abuse category should be of particular interest to those with all shades of activity. One should never let their guard down. In the past few months, alleged cases have involved an active full-time missionary in Las Vegas to a Montana Stake President showing up in Boise with gifts and undies for a cop posing as a 14-year-old girl. I would be justifiable PO'ed if my child had been interviewed by this SP about chasity when he was likely getting his jollies off of the interview.

Again, thanks for the atta-boys and an extra thanks to Dave.

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