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I should note that mere "authors," those invited to join a Typepad weblog (as opposed to the "managing author," the one who runs it, which is actually the term they use) can't make Typelists or add links, books, or CDs to existing Typelists. I suppose you could email the Managing Author with a request to form a Typelist entitled "Aaron Now Reading" or something, and give him 5 book ISBNs to put in the list, but that seems a bit unwieldy. Ideas?

Dave, me likes look of your site. me always liked it. me hopes you will not feel any strange urges to fix what ain't broke.

Dave, your place is my favorite in the bloggernacle, for reasons I have already explained.

Thanks for the nice comments, folks. My ideas about changing the look or content of the sidebar were about the new Bcc site, which just migrated to Typepad. I'm pretty happy with the overall look of DMI at this point--I haven't fiddled with the format for a couple of months.

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