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From what I've read elsewhere, I believe the website's statement about the inclusion of the Apocrypha in Protestant Bibles until the 1880s is in error. BYU's Kent Jackson wrote an article several years ago on Joseph Smith's Phinney Bible (purchased in October 1829) for BYU Studies, and he stated therein that approximately 2/3s of the Phinney Bibles included the Apocrypha (it was printed on its own signatures in a smaller font with separate pagination so that it could be inserted into the Bible depending on the model). Another popular Bible at the time, the Collins's Bible, was available with or without the Apocrypha. Jackson says that the Apocrypha was included in most Bibles in the early United States.

A great book on this subject is David Daniell's "The Bible in English: Its History and Influence." It's quite lengthy, but very readable and engaging.

Bill, nice reference, here's the Amazon link to The Bible in English.

Justin, have you checked your email lately? Send me an updated address if it has changed.

It's the same. I replied just now (at least I think I did).

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