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I really thought a few people would jump on this and say, "See, Methodists ex people too!" All churches have some procedures for regulating membership. Exactly what those procedures are, how they vary between denominations, and what offences of conduct or expression merit discipline are interesting questions. Notice that it wasn't the mere fact this Methodist minister had a same-sex relationship that prompted discipline, it was proclaiming her relationship publicly that spurred action. Certainly many others knew her status before now, it was the public announcement that provoked the trial.

Well, she wasn't ex'd Dave. She can still participate fully as a member, and her congregation is looking to hire her as a lay worker. Nobody is going to stop her from offering prayers at Sunday School (or teaching a class), or from taking communion on first Sundays.

She's lost her job. She hasn't lost her community.

Thank you for highlighting that distinction, Ann. So is the import of the action that her priesthood or ordaination is revoked, or that she is merely barred from exercising her ministerial powers in that denomination?

I think the import is that her ordination has been revoked. She can continue to act as a lay minister in the congregation, I think. A couple of tasks in a Methodist congregation require ordination; I'm pretty sure baptism is one of them. I don't remember anything being said over the bread and wine at Methodist communion, but I was so mildly anxious every time they had communion, trying to decide if I would participate, that I didn't really notice what the minister was doing. I know distribution of communion didn't require ordination.

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