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A nice thing about the book is that Arrington seems to highlight the parts of Brigham's life that do not overlap with the standard 1830-44 LDS history story that most are somewhat familiar with. Which would include (1) the mission to England with the Twelve; (2) the move from Missouri to Nauvoo, while Joseph was stuck in Liberty Jail for 6 months; (3) exiting Nauvoo in 1846 and heading out West. Arrington gets to the "heading West" part within a hundred pages; in a sense, "Brigham's story" really starts in 1844, as "Joseph's story" ends.

For me, the most intriguing part of Brigham's life is the rise to be the next president of the Church and the showdown with Sidney Rigdon. I wonder at what point Brigham realized what the next step for Church leadership was to be.

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