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I really like the new look Dave. Especially some of the subtle font changes. Looks especially great on a Mac.

Looks cool, but maybe 'cos I don't have my glasses on I'm wondering if the sidebar font is just a tad small.

Thanks for the comments. Going to 2 sidebars, I had to squeeze from one 300 pixel bar to two 200 pixel bars, so I had to use smaller font for the links. But I'm guessing most people don't browse my blogrolls much -- they're mostly for my own use as an easily accessible list of blogging resource sites.

I'm excited about the possibilities of the book blurbs as permanent but compact graphical displays of topical links -- blogroll lists get overloaded so quickly. The drawback of weblogs (as opposed to static websites) is posts scroll and disappear, never to be seen again. Sidebars, however, are permanent. So I guess what I'm doing is making the left sidebar into a sort of mini-website with permanent topical links; the right sidebar remains a standard collection of blogrolls; and the center column the usual running scroll of blog posts.

Now if I can just figure out how to get a banner image working properly . . .

i think it looks great. the small fonts on the side don't bother me at all.

looks good, Dave, but I think you need to shrink the width of the left sidebar. Ultimately, I think you are going to be better off switching the book links to an entirely separate blog site, and cross-referencing. I think unless you do that, you are trying to cram too much content into a single spot.

The sidebar fonts look much larger in Firefox than they do in IE.

I think the sidebars are too big in either browser. Compare w/ BCC, which I think has shrunk the sidebars about as far as they should go.

Steve, maybe you're right. I notice BCC's right sidebar seems to be at 250 (you're off the pro forma template, so you can designate your own column width) and the left at 200. Personally, I don't like unbalanced columns, so I'll stick with two 200-pixel columns for now.

Dave, fair enough -- I would wonder, though, whether at some point you'll just be better off with a sub-blog or webpage for the left sidebar content.

Steve, great minds think alike: I already set one up here, but haven't really loaded it up with anything yet.

Hey--I just figured out how to embed extra links on right sidebar too. Go look at the extra line I added to my LDS.org link, giving one-click access to some popular destinations within the byzantine lds.org website.

The way the Bloggernacle is expanding, you're going to need to change that "Second Twelve" to "Quorum of Seventy". :-)

Which reminds me, my sidebar could use some updating...

for what it's worth, i did give you blog a few nods in whatever mo-blog awards they're having.

Thanks for the effort, Mike. I was going to post something about that little contest.

I like the changes. And I think the books should stay -- it's part of what makes DMI unique and is a valuable resource.

WM, you suck up.

Dude, whatever. I gave you tons of suggestions on how to make BCC better. And did you use any of them? Nope. It took the migration to typepad for you to even have your banner link back to the homepage.

Not that I'm bitter or anything. We all know your true love is kulturblog (and rightly so). As long as you lavish your time and design skills on it, it's all good.

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