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Actually, the initial post was entered anonymously from an IP at the University of Utah, possibly by DavidWBrooks, who edited the initial post an hour and a half later. (He lives in New Hampshire, though, so maybe he used a proxy at the U?)

Anyway, gotta love the Wikipedia.

You're right, Pheo. I went back and read the "history" chart more carefully (I'm not real wiki-fluent but I find the Wikipedia a very hand reference). What little I've read about the Wikipedia suggests that there are a horde of semi-official editors who swoop down on new entries and quickly clean them up -- kind of quality control, wiki-style. So maybe Brooks just cleaned up the original entry an hour earlier. But I'll at least give our kmsiever credit for noticing the new entry only seven days later. For some reason, he didn't blog on it back in October 2004, when he made the additions to the Wiki article, or at least I found no post on it in his archives.

Christopher Bradford, aka Grasshopper, makes claim to be the inventor of the name and has pretty good evidence of it here.

I couldn't find it, but it seems to me that Bryce I. linked to it durring his guest blogging stint at T&S back in October.

Yes, I remember someone at T&S had blogged about the wikipedia article. That is why I didn't blog about it. I did see that bloggersnacker was missing so thought I'd add it. :)

I confess that I started that Wikipedia article. It has only been slightly altered since then I believe.

I originally had written an entry that contained more information (crediting Grasshopper with the creation of the name, mentioning a T&S post about it, etc.) but it wasn't accepted. So I entered one that was much more basic.

One thing that I know was added to the article (after I began it) was a link to a Wikipedia entry on the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

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