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I wonder if the recent gathering of more conservative Mormons, the publishers of Meridian being the organizers, was a response to the LDS Dem's meeting?

See Mormons meet to tackle 'moral decline'

[edited link, 1/31/05]

Darren, I doubt it was a direct response, but it certainly reflects the sudden urge Mormons of all stripes seem to have to organize politically.

Where goes democracy...so goes the gospel.

History has shown this time and time again: Germany, Japan, former Soviet Union states and so on. Now, my question: How can LDS members be against the war in Iraq, when that war is undeniably going to open the doors for a Baghdad Mission (not to mention the end of a Tyranical reign).

Additionally, though the Church remains largely out of politics, I think it was clear where President Hinkley stood on the Iraq War in his conference address in April 2003.

Also, I hear LDS liberals claiming that pre-emptive (or preventative) attacks, as well as the Patriot Act are immoral. What do they think Captain Moroni would say to this? He launched a preventative assault on a group of dissident Nephites who were simply migrating out of Nephite lands because he thought they may, at some future point, pose a threat to his people.

I would love to engage an active, believing LDS liberal/democrat on these issues. I am genuinely interested to know what you would say to these arguments.

Dont get me wrong. I think its important to have members represented in all political parties. Im not anti-LDS/Democrat (Some Apostles have been Democrats) My questions are more specific to this issue.

Trent, try This Liberal for the kind of political discussion you're after. I try to avoid politics as a blog discussion topic here -- religion is touchy enough as topics go. Although it sounds like your political views are pretty thoroughly entwined with your religious opinions, you having referred to missionary work in Baghdad, President Hinckley, and Captain Moroni in the space of a few sentences about the conflict in Iraq.

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