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I'm travelling, but when I get a second, maybe I'll update the sun for a couple of days in honor of DMI.

I should also mention that Let Us Reason is back up and running after a two-month vacation from blogging. I have added it back to my More Mormon Weblogs blogroll. Welcome back, Grasshopper.

While pondering XML earlier today, it finally dawned on me (after months of fiddling around) how to put links into my sidebar posts -- so below every book on the sidebar I will now have links to posts with my comments on or review of the book. Hey, it's not drop-down menus, but it's useful.

As long as I'm revamping and enhancing the sidebar, I've decided to add tool-tips (text boxes that appear when you hover over a link) to all my blogrolled sites. It's a real incentive to scan the link lists, I think. Try it out on The Top Twelve.

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