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There have been some changes in the voting scheme at IntellecXhibitionst. I think it relates to irregularities in voting patterns I observed yesterday, before they took down the "see results" link from the polls. That was why I put in my jibe, "Per computer. Per day." I would, of course, never suggest undermining a fair election, but just evening the playing field is a different matter, isn't it? So go and fulfill your duty as a denizen of the Bloggernacle. Vote early. Vote often. ;-)

Well, The Heather Show won the category . . . which is a bit odd considering it doesn't really blog on Mormon themes and was largely unknown until the voting. I was also amused by the comment left on the site that read something like "Heather, I voted for your blog, but I have never seen it and can't find it." Nothing like an informed electorate to give a reliable result.

In other blog news, IntellecXhibitionist has somehow fallen off my blogroll . . . Oh well.

Dave, sorry about the results. I really think you should have one. I did what I could to make that happen. Maybe next year. . . .

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