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Polygamy was doctrinally mandated while slavery was certainly not (even if blacks were excluded from the priesthood, that doesn't mean that black slavery was a doctrinal point).

You say that with such certainty, John F. But there's more support in the Bible, especially the NT, for slavery than for polygamy. And polygamy wasn't doctrinally mandated -- its practice was always optional for the Saints. The only group that seemed to regard it as something of a requirement on themselves was senior leadership. So even pre-1890, the doctrinal status of polygamy was ambiguous.

I'm not trying to open up that whole discussion, however, just point out that it seems rather odd the Saints acquiesced quietly to the government's declaration that slavery was abolished, despite biblical tolerance of the practice and Brigham's seeming endorsement of it. Yet, they did not see that compromise with the government as a useful precedent for approaching the polygamy dispute.

Dave, I was referring to doctrine in the D&C regarding plural marriage that tied plural marriage to eternal blessings. On the other hand, no doctrine performs a similar function for slavery, even if the NT admonishes slaves to be submissive and masters to be tolerant.

If it was so essential john, why would the Church leaders hide it from the members and even their own wives while engaging the practice? Polygamous unions were required to have approval from wife #1 per D&C 132. Therefore, when these unions were entered into in secret, the whole of the leadership, IMO, were sinning according to revealed doctrine.

Darren, I'm no polygamist so I don't know. But I'm not willing to accuse my prophets and apostles (and my own polygamous ancestors who, from their diaries, I know were men of God and not womanizers) of "sinning according to revealed doctrines." You, apparently, can be a good enough judge of that. I, however, will give them the benefit of the doubt, and that based on my faith in God and his Restored Church and the leaders, both then and now, of that Church.

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