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I thought the Paul Rolly column was quite apropos after your post last week about the "God and Country" book. In some ways, the column nicely illustrates why many non-Mormons feel like Utah is a de fact theocracy. Yes, the church's views are going to be sought in many matters. Everybody accepts that. But the way the church's views are sought, or the way those views are communicated, too often makes the church seem like the puppet-master behind the Utah state legislature.

On the other hand, I should add that an essay in God and Country by a previous governor of Utah notes that in his experience the Church was always careful to stay "above the table" when there was an issue of interest to the Church. The former governor said the Church would make formal, public contacts and statements rather than the kind of backroom contacts alluded to in the SL Trib article.

That's the thing though. It is easy to accuse of backdoor politics because all you have to do is say something that makes sense. You don't have to prove anything or disprove anything. If it's all rumor and innuendo, there is nothing to prove.

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