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...and the FBI and ATF.

Smells like armageddon if you ask me. Looks like the FLDS are trying to set up a scenario for a showdown. I just hope that cooler heads (cooler than the FLDS leadership) prevail.

Not to blatantly plug my own site, but here is a blatant plug: http://www.mormon-news.com/results-filter.asp?Location=Texas
or http://www.mormon-news.com/results-type.asp?TypeFLDS=Yes.
Trouble a-brewin' for sure. But at least they have been buying a bit of
homestead in Colorado in case the Texan's have an ole' showdown.

The FLDS have sure picked the wrong location to do this--right in the heart of the Evangelicals' Zion (i.e. TX). I agree that this cannot end nicely. . . . My heart goes out to the innocent FLDS children, but I have little or no sympathy for the FLDS men who are perpetrating polygamy more than 100 years after the revocation of that practice through God's prophet.

Thanks for the update Dave.

While I agree that this will not end happily ever after, I do not necessarily agree that West/Central Texas will be any more "hostile". Texas may be full of evangelicals, but that part of the state is conservative in the get-off-my-lawn sense of the word. West Texans respect property rights like you would not believe.

They are also rapidly building a Navuoo-like temple, with Warren Jeffs predicting the end of the world on the church's 175th anniversary, April 6th. Scary stuff.


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