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So does blogging fill some kind of unfulfilled need?

Community. Not that there are not different types of community on church, work, familily levels, but LDS blogging alows for a distinct community that is not limited geographically or temporally (i.e., by time).

Community and entertainment. It's fun!

Money. It's all about the coin, folks.

"So does blogging fill some kind of unfulfilled need?"

Not for everyone.

"So does blogging fill some kind of unfulfilled need?"

It must because I can't... stop... typing...

BTW -- Whoohoo! New Cool Thang just made Dave's top 12! (This feels a lot like when one of Noisepie's songs would reach #1 on the charts at now-defunct MP3.com back in the day -- I hope it doesn't end as quickly as that usually did...)

Geoff -- Yes, when I finally got the Archipelago icon on my sidebar and shifted some blogs to that list, there were some openings on my Top Twelve list. Not that it really means anything, it's just my short list of active and interesting blogs I visit when I "make the rounds" to see what people are saying. If I have spare time or just need some variety, I'll run through the Second Twelve instead, which tend to be not-so-active blogs or newer ones. But if it makes people happy to be listed, it must be a good thing!

Making the top twelve was the best day of my life!

Or the second best . . . or maybe the third . . or maybe the . . . well it's up there.

This year in the Bloggernacle for me has been the single most educational and enlightening experience I have had as far as Mormonalia goes. No hyperbole there, I'm being honest. Long live the 'Nacle!!

It is rare that one could have the type of candid discussions at Church that occur in the 'Nacle. And the diversity of viewpoints and arguments that are made is also unique. I love the 'Nacle.

All these things are true. I would only add that for me, blogging is also a means to feeling less guilty for not keeping a traditional journal.

The bloggernacle has allowed me to "plug in" with Mormons on my own terms, again, after about a year playing almost exclusively in the DisAffected Mormon Underground. I think my whole attitude toward the church is much healthier now - I see more good than I did just a year ago. I hold Dave personally responsible for this, because this blog (the best of the bunch, I testify!) is so even-handed in its discussion, and thus led me to examine other places where he blogs (and then, where he doesn't). The intelligent, thoughtful, and kind people I've found here have renewed my "faith," if not in the church, at least in the Mormons.

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