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i once went to some small islands in tonga which i think could be considered atolls. i just remember the runway taking up the whole width of the island. there was another road running the length of the island, and they'd have to put gates across the road when a plane would come in to keep cars off of the runway. i've never felt so isolated from the rest of the world in my life.

Dave, too bad -- I really liked the top 12/bottom 12. You should reconsider.

I love the new organisation.

Steve, I thought it was unfair for solo blogs to have to compete or be lumped together with group blogs in the Top Twelve.

I thought it was incredibly fair (but that's just because I liked being so high up on the page).

WM, you're still the top of the solo pack. I probably should have named my blog "A Mormon Inquiry." Or even "AAA Mormon Inquiry," the 'ole towing company phone book trick.

Yep. That was totally calculated on my part. Not a lucky accident at all.

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