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I honestly think that as important as Joseph was in the restoration, Brigham was only a whit behind him. We tend to credit Brigham for events after the death of Joseph. But I think the England mission shows that he was key for the growth of the church prior to that as well.

BTW - you didn't mention the most harrowing event near the beginning of their mission in England when they encountered the sons of perdition.

Clark, I'd agree that Brigham and the Utah period don't get enough credit. Joseph is a focus of contention, either you love him or you hate him (speaking metaphorically), whereas Brigham is generally liked by all, so all the ink gets spilled over Joseph and the early period.

Joseph is seen as the founder of a religion, a controversial role that generates a lot of debate. Brigham is depicted as a leader in the settlement of the West, an All-American theme that doesn't spark any controversy.

Actually my point was less about Brigham and the Utah period than Brigham and the pre-Utah period. My point is that Brigham was a crucial figure even when Joseph was alive, as the England mission demonstrates.

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