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I don't follow why you would find Nibley's influence on Card "unlikely" and "something of a surprise." Care to elaborate?

Nathan, it is generally Mormon Studies folks who trace their interest to an encounter with Nibley. It is unexpected to see a fiction writer have a similar encounter. This is interesting because one might see Card's use of Book of Mormon motifs in some of his fiction as rooted in his encounter with Nibley's unique Book of Mormon writings, as opposed to the casual reading of the Book of Mormon that the average Mormon (and the average Mormon writer) would be working from.

In simpler terms, it lends some depth to Card's perspective. Makes me want to dig up the household copy of "Speaker for the Dead" and read it.

Ah. If you read much of Card's nonfiction (especially when he talks about the role of community), you can see some interesting meshes with Nibley's views on the social aspect of the gospel.

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