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I will close most comment threads after ten days, an anti-spamming necessity, I'm afraid.

Bummer. Several of the books on my behemothic reading list are on your sidebars. I was looking forward to a belated participation. Though it this rate, I might never get to tem anyway.

Wow, I'm honored to have been one of the elite few to have had a comment edited by Dave!

(I have to say the edit puzzled me, though I didn't squawk about it at the time. I used a certain adjective to describe Quinn, which it was my understanding he himself had used publicly.)

BTW Dave somewhat unrelated. But one of the changes to your stylesheet you just made recently has the effect of underlining all your text on Safari. For some reason it doesn't affect Firefox on either the PC or the Mac. (I don't know about IE as I don't use it anymore on either platform)

Clark, on all screens or just the main screen? Straight underline or as a hyperlink? I suspect the problem is an omitted closing underline or link tag on a new post or comment, but that should cause a problem in IE as well as Safari.

Dave, it's all the text in the main body and the links on the right. The stuff on the left is unaffected. Also, it appears that I can't do comments in Safari either. I get somehow redirected to Times and Seasons.

Clark, I removed the two links to Times and Seasons which were part of this "Comment Policies" post. Did that fix the problem? Was that a problem only for the body of this post, or for all posts and the main page when viewed in Safari?

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