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I read this book years ago and enjoyed it very much. I like your synopsis of the book's various facets.

My Dad recollects seeing the flashes from nukes...then pulling wool off the misteriously dead sheep.

Williams has been very vocal in her support of Martha Beck's new book. She even has a blurb on the dust jacket. I guess dubious claims of child rape are now a legitimate weapon in the struggle against "patriarchy."

I was sitting on a bed when one underground test happenned. The bed shook a little and some plants swayed. It was a pretty minor event, but it does allow me to sometimes casually mention, "Yeah, I felt a nuclear explosion once."

I read Refuge when it came out and enjoyed it. As a Nevadan who loved going out in the desert and the son of a mother who had died from cancer, I found an easy connection to the material. For a book about death and loss, it is pretty joyful. When I recall the book, the line that surfaces first in memory is "Birds!", Williams' tired, overwhelmed answer as a young girl when asked what she saw during a day of birdwatching with her grandmother. Refuge is not as egocentric as Williams' more recent stuff, though there is that "selfishness is good" theme.

I haven't read this book. I'll have to take a look at it.

Reminds me of another book: "Canaries on the Rim" which discusses the nuclear testing, Reagan's failed MX Missile project, and current concerns about the Tooele Chemical incineration plant.

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