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My posts are generally 1, 2,8 and 11. I also do 13, 14 and 15. Indeed the memoir/personal essay post is one that I really like and I'm pleased to see more of them pop up in the Bloggernacle (particularly at Times & Seasons).

I also do this thing that doesn't quite fit into the categories you list -- my 'idea' series where I post an idea for a work that I'd like to see written and published. It kind of fits in with your No. 1 above, but not exactly.


First lines for Mormon fiction

A Mormon polyphonic novel

Have I mentioned today how much I worship your blog. Because I do. I really really do.

Nice reflections, WM. Has it occurred to anyone that a weblog is actually a form of polyphonic presentation? You can embed images and hyperlinks to other sites right in the text, and have posts surrounded by thumbnails of books (as on my left sidebar) other blogs or sites(as on my right sidebar). You can even give posts a soundtrack, although not many do.

Also, it's interesting that the Book of Abraham includes facsimiles as part of the actual text. That's rather adventurous for a mid-19th century publication. The Bible is all text -- no diagrams, figures, or illustrations included.

Thanks, Lisa, I'm always pleased to strike a sympathetic chord in readers. For actual worship, however, I would direct you to one of the Bloggernacle's full service blogs: here, here, or (for the mildly rebellious but nevertheless faithful blog worshipper) even here.

Those blogs are mere shadows of the excellent blogging found on DMI.

I guess my blog is an online journal, more than a blog. I rarely blog about ideas, unless something strikes me during the course of a day that I think I know something about (a rare event.) I don't think online journaling is the same as a memoir, because Little Boy losing his first tooth isn't really significant or meaningful...it's just what happened that day.

Dave -- Thanks for this. As I am new to blogging, I am still asking myself "Why blog" and wondering what it means and how I make it work. I love reading personal essays on blogs and in books or periodicals -- I find them very powerful.

I also like # 1,3,7, 12 and like reading "around the blogs" type reviews.

Dave's my hero.

I've been thinking about these denominations and I think that there could be another (that I seem to favor):

The Dialectic

This is similar to #1, yet basically sets out a thesis and antithesis, then hopes for a synthesis in the comments.

Yes, JS, I've found that approach to issue or idea posts works nicely. "Know-it-all" bloggers tend to write ten paragraph diatribes on why their view is the one true way of looking at things, then wonder why no one comments. If you just say "here's a link to something interesting, here's how I feel, of course there's another way of looking at it too," you get lots of comment.

Of course, there might be other ways of thinking about how to structure idea posts.

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