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Nice work! Looks great.

I hate blogger. I have problems logging in and the comments feature crashes all the time. When is Google going to get its act together and fix it?

Haloscan comments seem like a simple solution! I never used them, but many still do, and it looks like it avoids a lot of spamming and has better reliability.

Except for the fact that unless you pay, HS comments expire after four months, and they have to be pop-ups.

Maybe folks should try blogsome.com

Justin -

Russ just helped Geoff J. transfer all his posts and comments from blogger to WordPress. You might conseder following suit. I'm sure that he would be happy to advise you.


I am totally underwhelmed by the sideblogs. All my one-click links just went to two. Very, very lame. BCC, this mean you, too.

Ann, maybe they'll grow on you over time. Sideblogs allow short "link posts" to be posted quickly and efficiently, without cluttering up the main column. It's also nice to be able to put up pointers to posts at other B'nacle sites without running the risk of "poaching," that is luring the comments from someone else's original post to my "me too" post. I get called enough names as is, I would hate to be labelled a poacher too!

I notice that my one-click links are back on BCC, which is where I one-clicked from, anyway. So, carry on Dave.

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