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An Ensign article:

From Mission Pamphlet

H. Donl Peterson's The Pearl of Great Price: A History and Commentary.

Also the Book of Abraham Project

I'll throw in the token (what some would consider) anti link.

"translated writings from Moses and Abraham" - sorry, can't let that go by without a comment about JS' Book of Abraham papyrii being thoroughly, and completely, translated by modern scholars as common Egyptian funeral texts. This wasn't one of Joseph Smith's finer moments...

Sean, it's tough to come up with a one-sentence summary of the contents of the PoGP to a broad audience. If I call them "purported translations of writings from Abraham," then other readers get unsettled. It's sort of like walking a tightrope while people on two opposing sides below take aim with peashooters ...


Mormon's generally accept a definition of "translate" that is rather dynamic. Most mormons in this forum will have no qualm with the fact that the papyri are not the text of the book of Abraham.

Joseph also "translated" the bible - i.e., he added stuff that was never there and made editorial changes.

Mormon's generally accept a definition of "translate" that is rather dynamic.

Yeah, that is kinda required, isn't it.

Agreed. "Put your head in a hat and read what the magic stone says" is not how I would have defined "translate."

I'm the one who asked the question. It is for a priest in our ward who was just asking about the basic history of how it became a standard work. Justin's link to the Ensign article is just what I wanted. Thanks!

Graham, I would recommend at least discussing that the PoGP is at least somewhat controversial outside of the chapel. Otherwise, you run the risk of being One More Leader who knew something was up and didn't mention anything is this kid ever googles it and learns things from the evil internet. I wish one of my leaders had said something, had they known (it could be something as TBM as "some former mormons use the history of the PoGP as an argument against the church").

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