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I notice the link to "Robert Millet's new book" at M* comes back "This Account Has Been Suspended." What gives? Why is it that BCC seems to be the only B'nacle group blog that doesn't go offline like three times a month?

I've always wanted to write a post somewhere on "Debating Zion: why bother?" I guess some people find the process really stimulating and interesting, but I find it a complete waste of time. I've lost my faith, and all the intensity of sincere apologetics isn't going to get it back for me. I've lost my faith, and all my logical and reasonable reasons why (coupled with a strong emotional component) will not persuade the believers that they're believing something that isn't real. If the goal of the exercise is convincing, it's an exercise doomed to failure.


If you've lost your faith, and logic won't get it back for you, then logic has nothing to do with your faith or its loss.

Most goals are mixed, though I'm sorry that you've lost so much in addition to your faith.

It's like losing my arm. It was a terrible accident, and it's all my own fault, and it never should have happened, but it did. And I'm not getting my arm back. The prosthesis functions, but it's not the same.

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