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Excellent article, thanks for the link. I'm pretty sure I'm already on the liberal-leaning side.

Hilarious introduction. The truth is that such a quotation wouldn't be out of place there.

To answer your question- It may seem strange to say, now that I'm on the broad road of apostasy, but I think the church would do well to stick with its conservative/fundamentalist roots. One of the biggest draws of Mormonism originally was that it's not "just another church." It made some pretty radical claims for itself, which I find unbelievable now, but would be pretty cool if true. Prophets who can authoritatively say "Thus saith the Lord," spiritual gifts, a dispensation of the fullness of times, creating a Zion society, and all that. The church today has little if anything to say about those goals, but I say if you're going to start out as a charismatic, literalist religion- at least be consistent about it!

This reminded me of Brigham Young's warning against reading novels. They are dangerouse, evil, and inspire sin. Mostly I found these from the Journal of Discourse. Very interesting stuff.

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