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Hasn't the point about Mormons in Missouri having less to do with Mormonism and more to do with Yankeeism been around a very long time? There was a large thesis (that I've never read) that looks at not just the 1838 Mormon war in Missouri but continues to look at all the guerilla wars there that continued through the end of the Civil War (and in some ways beyond) It was discussed back on the old LDS-Hist when it was active. I've long thought it would make an interesting book on LDS history by contextualizing the LDS conflict there. Something that I think gets overlooked a lot.

Of course if Remini gives that recognition a wider audience, then I think it a very good thing.

I have to agree with Shipps' assessment of Remini. I thought it was excellent for what it is, namely a short biography for a general, non-scholarly audience. However, there is no new ground broken here...

I've listened to Shipps give a few lectures before and she seems to be (as many have said) a pretty good non-lds church history scholar and is able to look at things from an objective point of view. She seems to do a good job here as well.
Another point worth mentioning on the Kirtland exodus--the Lord explains in the Doctrine and Covenants (86? I forget where, sorry!) that His Spirit would only dwell with them there for five years. So they were long overdue to leave anyway.

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