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On a related note, look for a big BCC announcement on Monday.

Didn't Dialogue do an article on blogs recently? Or was that Sunstone? (Or am I just imagining the whole thing?)

How cool Dave that you have been around and consistent in your blogging for that long. Nice work.

I think, however, that you will find that the first post of the then unnamed bloggernacle can be found here.

Yes, I admit that the pseudonymous Metaphysical Elders were the first true LDS bloggers, even if they didn't have comments. Pioneer bloggers, if you will, and ME was sort of the prototype LDS group blog (at a time when software to run a true group blog wasn't quite available yet).

I'd like to see Clark's question answered if anyone knows.

The Metaphysical Elders had comments. There at the end when they made me a blogger I decided it would be funny to have arguments with my pseudonym. It didn't go quite as well as I'd hoped unfortunately and I feel a little bad about it now.

I'll bet BCC's big announcement is a two-hour meeting schedule.

Ann, I second the motion.

Clark wrote: Didn't Dialogue do an article on blogs recently? Or was that Sunstone? (Or am I just imagining the whole thing?)

Neither publication has run an article on blogs, as far as I know. In recent issues Sunstone has reprinted blog posts by Greg Call and Kristine Haglund Harris in a column entitled "Blogwatch." They also reprinted a chunk of Ken Jennings' interview at Times and Seasons, but later expressed an apology to Jennings and Times and Seasons for doing so without express permission.

A similar discussion on the age of the bloggernacle took place on Our Thoughts back in Febraury.

Thanks for the link, Kim. I wasn't really trying to stake a claim as the first LDS blog, just note that I've been around for a bit longer than some of our favorite group blogs.

I think Blogwatch was what I was thinking of along with that discussion regarding apologetics which I believe mentioned blogs.

Yeah, well I'm still bitter that you called me a second-generation blog . . . naming M* first generation when I arrived SIX months before them. I can't remember where or when you did it, but by golly it stuck in my craw!

I'm just going to sit in this corner now, stroking my little bitter.

Oh and congratulations on the link from Dialogue. That's very cool.

Lisa, at least the Beliefnet gig shows that FMH is a blog that has made its mark. I don't remember M* showing up on that short list.

Do you get many hits from them? I just checked and in July I got 177. No too bad, but nothing major.

Lisa, I'll get four or five referral hits from them per day. But if you hit the post links at Beliefnet, it takes you to a framed page that has our page contents framed by ads, but with a Beliefnet IP address. I don't believe that page or address registers on our counters. Only if the reader somehow gets through to our actual site (by clicking "frame off" or by renavigating back into our home page) does it show as a hit on our counters. So there might actually be dozens of readers for every click on the counter.

There is talk from Levi Peterson [Editor at Dialogue] that he may consider including certain blog posts in letters to the editor in Dialogue. Better sharpen up the keypads ...

I'm pleased to see the MA in the Dialogue link list too. That gives exposure to most of the active blogs in the 'Nacle.

Ahh, yes, the good old days of the M.E. (They're the reason why T & S has "onymous" in its tag). Their pseudonymity was sporadic — one day someone must have temorarily messed up the setting, because for a day or two it displayed names rather than pseudonyms. So you could see that the Lawyer was really ---- ----, the Historian was really ------ ------, and so forth.

BTW - school's starting up next week. When should the Bloggernacle Times arise from its slumber?

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