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If LDS producers are "on a quest for the holy crossover movie," they will never get there. The "crossover" artists you mention were never, IMO, looking for a "crossover" production -- they were just practicing their craft.

BTW, Dale Murphy is a particularly bad example, since he was already well on his way to baseball stardom when he joined the Church. A better example would be Vern Law. Of course Harmon Killebrew is in the Baseball Hall of Fame, but he's always been inactive, though proud of his LDS heritage.

And Dave, you should see more Mormon cinema. Gods Army and Brigham City at least, and watch Napoleon Dynamite.

It's hard to tell if Napoleon Dynamite can be considered Mormon Cinema or not (see the Kulturblog thread on that). But if it is then it certainly already made the "holy crossover".

You haven't seen Napoleon Dynamite... "Gosh!"

I'd second Brigham City and throw in Saints & Soldiers. Both of these movies use the LDS aspects as a complement to the storyline, which allows them to come off as non-preaching. There were some aspects of both that I didn't like, but overall they were both engaging.

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