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I think Serenity Valley's primary concern with the T&S discussion was one of terminology: might it not be better to call such groups "speaker series," "Mormon Studies gatherings," or "parties," and thereby avoid the minefield of established Mormon terminology?

Terminology? What percent of Mormons do you think even know about any connotations concerning discussion groups (with more than half being outside the U.S.)? Or is the terminology concern assuming that GAs would prematurely judge something based on unrelated past experiences with a similar title?

I could be wrong, but I think purposely avoiding the use of the term "discussion group" -- and let's be honest, anything that is a discussion group or study group named something else in an awkward cheesy fashion (I've yet to hear a good alternative that doesn't sound this way) is kind of funny -- is just fueling more thought of premature judging.

It's ok to assume negative connotations when introduced to something called a "discussion group" ... WRONG!

"It's not everyday something interesting happens over at T&S..."

Thanks for the love ;->

I don't know... the very first thing I thought when I saw that post at Times & Seasons was "wow, I thought you weren't supposed to have those..." and I was, I believe, in Beehives the last time anything came out about "study groups" that I can remember.

Of course, I also tend to be cautious and worry about things too much. So.

Has anyone noticed that the text Mormon copies the book of Alma from is written by a group of people. Alma is the largest book in the in the BOM and it appears to be written as a group effort. I have searched but I have not found anywhere that has talked about the textual cues that demonstate it to be written by a group.

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