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You forgot to mention what must have been the highlight of your evening -- nay, of the entire month.

That is, the impromptu bloggersnacker that coalesced for a few minutes at Casa Frandsen.

Kaimi, I didn't want that little tidbit to outshine my brilliant summary of Bushman's remarks. I obviously miscalculated, so I guess it won't spoil any engaging comment exchanges for me to note that I ran into Kaimi, his lovely wife, and the notorious blogger celebrity Brian G. at the MESG meeting where Bushman spoke. Kaimi spotted me by the cookie table (and my compliments to the cookie chef, by the way). Online these days, it's always a good thing to have a couple more people who can vouch that you're a real person.

One of the fringe benefits of being a citizen of the B'nacle: you've got friends you've never met all over the country.

Sounds very similar to his presentation this summer at the national archives. If you listened to it, was there much beyond that?

A lot of people have linked Joseph and Emerson on many levels. Someone really ought write a book just focused on that.

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