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I hate to disappoint, but I'm reasonably certain that the blog links on the page you link to are automatically generated by Technorati, and do not reflect an editorial decision made by a human.

It's a good place to be linked from, nonetheless. We got quite a few hits from there at M* when Ryan interviewed her.

Also, don't know if you care, but you have an "Out of Mormonism" link showing up in your Google ads.

Odd that they didn't link M*'s interview with the author of the Newsweek story.

Bryce, I'm disappointed it wasn't Mr. MSNBC himself who highlighted my blog, but I'll take what I can get.

Google ads come in all different flavors. I blocked the ebay ads but don't bother with the rest. I don't endorse anything in the Google box -- to me, that's just leased sidebar space that helps pay the blogging bill.

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