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You know it has to be some crazy stuff for John Pratt to put the brakes on. Looking back on that era, it is a (secular) miracle that anything got printed, not just the Book of Mormon. By simply over-estimating the time it takes to do things, I'm sure someone could show that the printing of Pride and Prejudice was a miracle. Seven months to print a book does not sound miraculous to me.

I was a little disappointed how sane John Pratt sounded until the end, where he exceeded all my expectations. Pratt and Meridian are my favorite source for unintentional comedy.

while telling exaggerated stories about the printing of the Book of Mormon may be largely harmless

No, it's not "harmless," it's a lie and therefore wrong.

There might be something to this. Miracles do surround us. I attribute my long running robust health to Lourdes water consumed early in my mission.

Wow, there goes my testimony again! First you tell me Joseph used a peep stone and a hat, then you tell me there was no curtain between Joseph and his scribe, now this. Where will it end. What can I base my testimony on now? I guess it's back to Moroni.

I have to second NFlanders appreciation of John Pratt's comedic value. I remember being at a friend's house describing to her a particular calendar-obsessed astrophysicist who writes for Meridian. As I was trying to recall his name, she walks over to the bookshelf and pulls off John Pratt's book which was sent to her by her mom. We both had a good laugh.

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