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The Secret Gospel of Mark - which hints at homosexual rites involving Jesus - is probably the best reason to prefer the established biblical canon to that offered by modern scholarship. For example, after the SGM was "discovered" by a scholar, Morton Smith, who took a photo of the last page, the book containing the SGM was "lost." It has never been authenticated or even seen by any other scholar. Further, the SGM claims to be a copy of Clementine letter in which Clement claims to have been told about the SGM, which makes it multiple hearsay and safe from any historical verificiation. Moreover, Smith was an expert in the writings of Clement and therefore was precisely the one person who could have forged a Clementine letter.

Oh, and by the way, Smith was also homosexual and, thus, might have been favorably disposed to the homosexual implications in the SGM.

The modern consenus of biblical scholars - apart from people such Crossan and the Jesus Seminar - is that the SGM is a deep practical joke pulled by Smith on the academia.

Supporting that last point is the fact that the book into which the "Clement letter" about the SMG was written just happens to be a book associated with a notorious historical forgery.

I remember from reading Crossan that he doesn't share any of that information, which is why I don't find him to be very trustworthy. Incidentally, Bart Erdman is agnostic on the issue of SGM and Philip Jenkins is in the practical joke camp. Erdman has a lecture on the SGM at the Teaching Company.

Well, I hope I didn't violate a blog protocol or offend anyone. My intent was just to offer some pertinent details gleaned from secular scholarship.

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