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Not a single comment after a day with 400 hits ... I hang my head in shame. I knew I should have skipped the poetry paragraph. I'll add a photo to the post and see if that lures in a few commenters.

I only met Brother England briefly. He visited our institute and gave a presentation on learning which really rang true for me. I later learned that over a decade before his presentation to us he had been asked to no longer share that information.

That night at a fireside he presented on King Lear and it was one of the most touching meetings I've ever attended.

I regret that I didn't have more contact with him.

He was a real asset to the Church and I'm glad to see the publication of a work that honors his influence on others.

I have a good gift idea now for a very dear friend.

I took a class from Bro. England. He was a fun person but I never became one of his groupies. Maybe I thought he was too naive, too self-centered; I don't know.

Nonetheless, I read closely his criticism of the Gulf War as published in Sunstone, one of the few members of the Church who came out against that war. Unfortunately, it was poorly written but it moved me into a position in conflict with the Mormon majority, a position I continue to hold to this day.


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