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Its about time something like this was put together by the 'silent majority'.

I wonder what the 'liberal' mormon folks who blog would like to see done church wide...
10% of gross/net/increase Sunday
Hot drinks Sunday


Good to see that the LDS church has signed-on with two endorsers...even a High Priest!!! :-) :

Lenny Eugene Black, High Priest
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada
(US citizen)

W. Michael Tyler, Jr
Elder and Priesthood Holder
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Santa Cruz, CA

Lenny, Micheal, love you guys!

Even though you're from Canada and California respectively, It's the thought that counts.

On a more serious note, I'd be happy to just to see an Ensign article on the subject. No need to supplant planned Sunday curriculum.

How soon before the "Strengthening the Members" committee digs up dirt against those guys?

The problem is, and I wouldn't call this a proplem, Evolution isn't a theological concern for even most orthodox Mormons. There are some "McConkie-ites" with the issue, but mostly the church and its membership have no official position either way. Hence all your protestations are red-herrings and leave your bias showing.

Jettboy hasn't been exposed to NDBF Gary yet.

NDBF Gary would certainly be welcome to comment, but I don't want an innocent thread about Evolution Sunday to become a an evolution food fight. I have upcoming threads planned for that sort of thing.

Yo, Jettboy! The bill passed the house by one vote. you might want to look-up the def for "red-herring"...bias-boy. :-)

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